The Pavillion House

This is a house built with sensitivity to the landscape, clear thinking about a ‘whole property’ plan and a design that was driven by imagining all the spaces (both internal and external) that the owners would want to occupy.

Settling into a superb landscape with a ‘living spaces’ design

As a first step constraints and opportunities were established. A land capacity assessment (LCA) for the septic system and foundations design, report on the potential bushfire attack load (BAL), tree assessment, and determination of planning restraints. In the opportunities: a high-level dam, rich river flats soil, long vistas, room for privacy and clear north aspect. The colours of sky, golden grasses and grey green eucalypts.

The design journey wandered. Flights of fancy like an inner green courtyard with water features considered and abandoned. Indoor/outdoor living was a key driver. The idea of two linked pavilions (living and sleeping) with a central link to access decks held and was finally resolved by moving the south pavilion west allowing north sun to all living areas. Project viability, design, estimate, adjust, contract, build. On almost greased wheels.

The house is lovely. Filled with sun. A classy, recycled timber kitchen and warm cork floors. A glowing recycled brick wall anchors the living space, and the indoor/outdoor decks are used constantly. There is striking ‘Barestone’ cladding. Leaderbuild likes to take a holistic approach to energy: heating, cooling, hot water, and solar. In the pavilion house hydronic panels are linked to solar water roof panels and an efficient inviting wood fire. Roof water is directed to a large storage tank and the dam water is linked for gardening. Even the chooks have a north facing home and Leaderbuild wrapped up by building an enclosed orchard with vegie beds.

"We are really grateful for their attention to detail and to now live in such a beautiful home."

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