The Black House

Like its owner this is not an apologetic house. An open block is a ‘blank canvas’ and the house, shed and tanks placed close to the south boundary allow for many a future gardening adventure to the North, and winter sun inside the house.

Getting the fine detail right

A completed design was brought to Leaderbuild, and from there the team followed the estimate, contract, permits, fine tuning, then build process. The insulated slab required some smart carpentry, and long lead time items such as widows were promptly ordered. It is an exciting time when a building finally takes shape and we enjoy our clients visiting the site, getting to know the team and supervising carpenter, and understanding what’s next.

The owner had strong feelings about fixtures and finishes. They were great, and it shows. We are not keen on last minute under pressure decisions and providing clarity about all the client responsibilities and choices early in the build means that there was ample time to select fixtures like the bath, wood heater and tapware as well as finishes such as tiles, solid timber flooring and paint schemes. There is money to be saved here.

At the front gate the house is talking to you. The bold dark cladding, functional shed, and water tanks, (there is no town water) and uplifting shape say here I am! The bright red front door leads straight to the point of entry – a subtle design essential, and inside there is warmth and individuality in spades. And the holistic hydronic and hot water heating is champion for those cool, let’s face it sometimes icy, Daylesford days.

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